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An Interview with Bettersize R&D Director at IPB 2019

Lately, Bettersize Instruments attended IPB 2019 held in Shanghai.

Bettersize Instruments attended IPB 2019

In the past two years, the powder industry has changed a lot. The emerging high-end powder industry faces many difficulties in particular. For example, the "4+7" policy in biopharmaceutical industry and the subsidy cuts in lithium battery industry have challenged development of powder industry. While the requirements for quality and R&D of powder products in these industries are becoming higher and higher. Li Xuebing, technical director of Bettersize said that such changes have also impacted powder testing industry, which means higher requirements for the products and services of Bettersize.

For instance, users doing protein drug development now need to test the stability of powder surface charge (zeta potential) in addition to the particle size measurement. Zeta potential measurement has been monopolized by overseas particle size analysis giants. After years of research and development, Bettersize successfully launched the domestic nanoparticle Zeta potential analyzer BT-Zeta100, which can not only measure the zeta potential of a protein, but also can measure its molecular weight. In pharmaceutical industry, the costs of original drugs or drug testing are very high. For these precious samples, Dandong Bettersize has developed a micro volume sampler, which can test API samples less than 100 milligrams. What's more, legal compliance, requirements of pharmacopoeia and its explanation, as well as method development and validation are the new growing demands for measuring instrument manufacturers. Li Xuebing said that with a long history of technical developments and application research, Dandong Bettersize now can provide complete content services and method developments such as target validation, method development, cross-validation, data security protection, and audit trail as required, which can better meet the needs of users in the biopharmaceutical industry.

In the interview, Li Xuebing also introduced the development of Dandong Bettersize this year. Despite the challenges mentioned above, Dandong Bettersize is expected to maintain more than 10% growth rate in sales. The company has also made great progress this year, in the expansion of overseas markets, such as generic drug market in India, ceramics, coatings, cement in European and American as well as South America's mineral market. He emphasized that one of the goals of Dandong Bettersize is to be the "Chinese brand of internationally outstanding quality". Bettersize will contribute more input into its software and hardware improvement as well as application method development to achieve international recognition.

Bettersize introduced products to customers

Finally, Li Xuebing shared his feelings and experience participating in IPB. He stressed that the huge influence of IPB is not merely because of the large number of the visitors. More importantly, IPB brings together the upstream, midstream and downstream industries to communicate and share information. Nowadays, the powder industry is confronted with various challenges, which demands the efforts in manufacturing R&D of upstream industries, measurement and characterization as well as product application of downstream industries. Hope the future of powder industry will be better and better.

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