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Bettersize Instruments at EXPOFYBI and Analytica

Recently, Bettersize Instruments has participated in the South American Pharmaceutical and Biochemical Exhibition and the Munich Laboratory Exhibition, which has made Bettersize more notable in South America.

On September 10th -13th, Bettersize Argentina distributor BRUBEN SUDAMERICANA SRL took part in the largest pharmaceutical and biological exhibition in South America, showcasing Bettersizer 2600 laser particle size analyzer, Bettersizer ST laser particle size analyzer and PowderPro A1 intelligent powder characteristic tester. Bettersize provides one-stop solutions for customers in pharmaceutical field. Our instrument won the praise of many South American customers at the exhibition. Experts and major customers in the field of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology in South America high appreciated Bettersize's advanced technologies in laser particle size analysis such as "Fourier and inverse Fourier optical System", "high-speed signal detection system" and "sample refractive index measurement" of the Bettersizer 2600 laser particle size analyzer. The new refractive index measurement function and five sampling systems including dry dispersion, micro volume dry dispersion, wet dispersion with water, wet dispersion with solvent and micro volume wet dispersion with solvent are designed to meet different needs of our clients. Besides, our newest laser particle size analyzers are capable of measuring particle size from nanometer to millimeter.

Bettersize Particle Size Instrument Argentina distributor

On September 24th- 26th the biannual Munich laboratory exhibition Analytica 2019 was held in São Paulo, Brazil. Our Brazilian agent ACIL & WEBER showcased the laser particle size analyzer Bettersizer ST at the exhibition. The Munich laboratory exhibition is the most authoritative exhibition of experimental instruments and measurement equipment Brazil, attracting a large number of instrument purchasers each time.

the laser particle size analyzer Bettersizer ST at the exhibition

Excellent performance and good after sales service has made Bettersize laser particle size analyzer popular in Brazil and our market share there has been increasing steadily. Many internationally renowned companies visited our booth to learn the performance of the instrument and consult us on technical solutions.

Bettersize laser particle size analyzer in Brazil

Bettersize laser particle size analyzer

Besides the launch of business promotion activities in Europe and Asia, our global agents also participated in the exhibition activities in their region. Meanwhile, Bettersize headquarter combined product installation and adjustment with business visit and training. In this way, Bettersize continuously provides our agents with sales tools, service materials and customized solutions, so that customers around the world can enjoy our "professional, responsive, warm and thoughtful" service. Excellent product performance and satisfactory after sales service will definitely make Bettersize more and more prominent in the particle size measurement field around the world.

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