Technologies Utilized by 'Bettersizer' Particle Size Analysers

'Bettersizer' series employed new technologies including DLOS (dual-lens optical system), automatic alignment system, SOP, results- conversion, result calibration, dry sampling and dispersion, automatic water feeding, and IoT.

(1) Ultrasonic anti-dry-burning technology: Bettersize ultrasonic disperser is equipped with an anti-dry-burning controller. The ultrasonic disperser will not be damaged even if there is no water.

(2) Micro-sample cell: With a volume of only 15ml, this technology is mainly for trace samples or for the samples that use organic solvents as the media. And it can be used with the circulatory system interchangeably with a stirring function.

(3) Real-time monitoring of results: Real-time test results can be displayed in the test window. Dispersion and repeatability can be observed accordingly.

(4) Automatic water level meter: The circulating pool is equipped with a water level detection device. Water feeding will automatically stop when the water level is reached.

(5) Dew-point temperature detector: Installed with indoor temperature, indoor humidity and water temperature detectors, the instrument can measure the dew-point temperature and defines the optimum medium temperatures. This feature is particularly useful in areas where air humidity is high.

(6) Corrosion-resistant pumps and filters: Bettersize analysers are equipped with corrosion-resistant pumps and filters, which make the analysis is accurate and environmentally friendly when organic solvents are used.

(7) Unique centrifugal circulation pump: Bettersize analysers are equipped with centrifugal circulation pump with adjustable flow rates and no easily wearable parts. The pump also has the function of homogenization.

(8) Photoelectric detector array: Asymmetrically cross-arranged, with the reflective mirror at the centre, the array has good stability, multiple detectors, and high resolution. And with lateral and backward detectors, it can receive the scattered light signals from full angles.

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