The Advantages of 'Bettersizer' Laser Particles Size Analyzer

(1) Certification and qualification: 'Bettersizer' has obtained CE and 21CFR Part11 certificates. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.

(2) Original dual-lens optical system (DLOS): DLOS and scattered light detection system from front, side, and back ensured full-range measurement and accurate & reliable test results.

(3) Powerful software system: 'Bettersizer' series used differential function, light flux compensation, free inversion, multi-language, SOP, and accuracy calibration to ensure accuracy and reliability of measurement results.

(4) High accuracy: 'Bettersizer' series firstly utilized standard sample calibration technology, which contribute to the test results consistency to the standard sample.

(5) Good repeatability and reproducibility: high-performance semiconductor lasers, ARM microcontroller system, 16-bit AD converter, and multi-channel signal amplification system were used to ensure the stability and reliability of 'Bettersizer' series, with repeatability error of less than 1%.

(6) Low failure rate: 'Bettersizer' series use high quality lens and lasers. The suppliers are inspected for certifications regularly. Bettersize has five quality control gates: raw materials, the production of components, assembly, finished products warehousing, packaging and delivery.

(7) Automatic alignment system ensuring the instrument always under the best condition: 'Bettersizer' series equipped with automatic alignment system with the alignment accuracy of 1.3μm, which ensures the instrument, is always in the best condition to obtain accurate results.

(8) Ease of use: with the SOP function, as long as the mouse click "automatic test", a series of operations including water filling, bubble remove, background, shading rate adjustment, testing, preservation, printing, and cleaning are automatically completed. Repeatability and high efficiency are guaranteed.

(9) Complete report output form: the test report could be easily converted into PDF, Excel, Word, jpg, and other formats. It could also be immediately e-mailed to the customer after the test.

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